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Do you want to be a part of the Joyful Pets and Homes team?

We take immense pride in the services we provide and the kindness we show each and every furry friend (and their humans, too). Our staff is filled with wonderful sitters who avidly support equality for all as well as both human and animal rights.

Our hiring process is extremely selective. We require that all staff members pass a background check, and that new sitters pass exams with perfect scores to demonstrate basic pet and home sitting knowledge - before we ever begin their on-the-job training.

Our sitters are guaranteed $15 per hour, plus tips and (if the client is outside of our service area) mileage. However, they typically average between $18 to $20 per hour when business is at its peak. We hope to raise wages in the future as the company grows.

We ask that you do not apply if...

- You will not be willing to complete overnight services in client homes. Overnights range anywhere from 1 night to 2+ weeks long.

- You are uncomfortable with any breed or size of pet.

- You have any allergies or illnesses that will cause this job to be a danger to your health.

- You would allow personal beliefs or feelings to alter the way you treat others. We will not, under any circumstances, employ individuals who feel entitled to treat others differently based on race, gender identity, sexuality, political views, or religion.

We expect nothing but the best from our team.  

Click the link below to submit your application today!

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